25 photography tips/hacks for bloggers

Photography is an essential aspect when it comes to starting your own business. Did you know people convert photos 60.000x faster than text?

That is why high-quality photographs matter. But sometimes it can be tough to capture professional photos.

That is why I am going to tell you 25 photography tips and hacks to improve your photographs even more. And I also got an amazing gift for you 😉 If you want to learn how you can capture professional photos with your iPhone camera only; I have a free 7-day email course available called You Can Capture.


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25 photography tips/hacks for bloggers

Camera Tips

1 Know your camera  Yes, this probably sounds obvious, but you should make sure you know how your camera works. If you don’t know how your camera works, you can’t expect that you can shoot professional photos.

2 The right ISO Always make sure you use the correct ISO when you are photographing. This is essential because the wrong ISO could ruin your photos pretty quickly.

3 Know the shutter speed Also important: You need to know which shutter speed you should use. Are you going to capture moving objects, or do you want to shoot long exposure? Find out which shutter speed you need for your photographs.

4 Shoot in RAW Instead of using the high-quality mode, try RAW mode. You have so much more editing possibilities when you shoot in RAW! I highly recommend it.

25 photography tips/hacks for bloggers

5 Know your aperture Your aperture controls the amount of light that travels through the lens. With the aperture, you can create a bokeh effect, that is popular.

6 Format your SD-Card regularly Did you ever had the problem that your camera tells you there is no space anymore on your 2GB SD-card, while you only took five photos? When you delete a photo, it will be removed, but it is still on your SD-Card, while you can’t even see it. Weird right? So make sure you format your SD-Card regularly, to get your space back. WARNING: If you format your SD-Card, everything on it will be removed.

7 Use a tripod Use this when it is hard for you to keep the camera still. Example: A slow shutter speed.

8 Shoot in manual mode When you are shooting in manual mode, you can learn how your camera works.

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9 Cheap backdrop hack  If you don’t have a clear and white desk (Like me) then you could choose to print some high-quality backgrounds on a piece of cardboard. Nobody will tell you the difference 😉25 photography tips/hacks for bloggers

10 Double sided tape When you are going to photograph a flat lay, there might be a chance that a pencil or something will roll away. The solution: Double-Sided tape!

11 Leave your setup After you took a lot of shots, leave your setup like it is. I always import the photos to the computer first. After I am satisfied with the shots, I will start with cleaning my setup.

12 Use a clear background Use an environment that is not too busy. As I already mentioned, I use a marble background: Simple, clear and not distracting.

13 Take a lot of photos Make sure to take some extra pictures. Most of the time you notice the mistakes when you upload your images to the computer. So if one picture didn’t turn out well, you have like four extra photos!

14 Take your time Don’t rush it. Make sure that you use the right settings, and good lighting, instead of rushing everything.

15 The composition is everything. It is essential to pay attention to your composition. Composition matters!

25 photography tips/hacks for bloggers


16 Use natural light  Natural light is the best light you can get. It will make your photos sharper, brighter and your colors will turn out better. And best of all: It’s free!

17 Use a paper towel as a Flash defuser Don’t have a Flash defuser? No problem at all. Just place a napkin in front of your flash to dim the harsh light. But I always recommend people to use no flash at all.

18 Focus on the eyes If you are photographing a person, always focus on the eyes. In this way, your picture will stand out more.

19 Photographing kids hack When you shoot kids, they are always looking at everything, except the camera. Use double-sided tape, and place a small toy on your camera. Problem solved!

20 Wait for the right moment. It will be worth it. I waited three weeks until I finally captured the perfect sunrise!

25 photography tips/hacks for bloggers

21 Try different angles Sometimes; your photo doesn’t turn out as expected because of the composition. If it doesn’t work out, try to shoot from different perspectives.

22 Make people comfortable If you make people more comfortable, they will do it better in front of the camera 🙂

23 Focus on the first person  Focus on the person that is the closest to your camera. The same as you focus on the eyes: Your picture will be more in focus

24 Invest in progress, not in quality I use my iPhone, and I am delighted with the pictures. You know why mine turn out so professional? Not because of the camera, but because I make a lot of progress by practicing.

This picture was shot with my iPhone camera.


25 Know when you should use portrait or landscape There is a huge difference. For a magazine, you should photograph in portrait. For a landscape picture or family photo, use the landscape way.

25 photography tips/hacks for bloggers


25 photography tips/hacks for bloggers


I am forcing myself to stop now. Those were all my photography tips and hacks. I hope it helped you. What are your favorite photography tips? Let me know in the comments. Please share this post! I want to help other bloggers too with these photography tips!

PS. Don’t have the money to invest in a DSLR, but you still want to shoot stunning photos? My iPhone photography course is perfect for you!


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Lots of love,



Chelsea van Egmond is a creative girl boss who is specialized in shooting professional photos (With both an iPhone and DSLR), hand-lettering and Bullet Journaling. She also runs a blog called Join the Creative Side where she teaches bloggers and entrepreneurs how they can improve their photography and graphic design skills even if they don’t have any experience or a big budget. Her #1 mission: To help you build your visual story/brand.

  • all great tips. love the paper towel diffuser one!



  • Project Emme

    Hi Chelsea, I love the tips, especially the backdrop-hack. Genius!

    Just checked out your about page, seems like we have something in common: coffee addict!!! You also said, you want to stay as happy as you’re now – go check out my blog, there are tons of resources to get you started on living a life based on what really matters to you, your Essentials if you will. I’d love to have you in our community! 🙂
    Again, great post!

    x M

    • Hello! Thank you so much for taking the effort to write such a long comment like that! I will take a look right now! Thank you for sending me your blog!

  • Stefanie Stiller

    thank you so much for these great tips!!!! i will improve my photographing skills hopefully soon 😉

  • Iam taking baby steps tworads enhancing my photos, I will be applying some of these tips particularly #16 & #17
    Gigi |¤ https://bmobshelldrawer.wordpress.com/

  • kmaryam

    I think the most important for me is NOT TO TOUCH THE ISO ! I use a canon t3i and i leave it on auto all the time ! cause for some reason every time I touch everything is grey looking it’s annoying and lighting is also really important

    • Hello,

      I agree with that, but if you use auto iso all the time, you won’t learn the value of ISO. I suggest you to practice a lot with taking shots with a different iso value 😉 I hope this helped

      Lots of love,


  • Sara Ijaz

    Hey chelsea youve got some great tips here! Im a fellow photogrpaher an amateur though and some of this stuff really hit home! Just wanted to let you know ive nominated you for the leibster award so go check out full post on what to do next on my site http://www.janasmummy.com thanks!

  • These are all great tips! Knowing the light settings was the hardest thing for me but has made a huge impact on my quality!
    – Ana Luiza

    Northwest Blonde

    • Awww thank you so much Ana for the compliment! I am glad I could help!

  • Deborah

    GREAT Tips!! I’m just getting started in photography and these will definitely be put to good use!

  • jessica byrd

    Thank you for sharing this!

  • I can easily take too many photos knowing that many of them will be a little blurry and I never thought of a paper towel for a flash defuser. Great blog post, my favorite tip is 9 the cheap backgrounds. I never thought to print some…now to find a place to print the size I need.

    • I had to fold the paper towel like 6 times, hahaha. And yes those paper backgrounds come in handy 🙂

  • I love the tip with the background prints and the paper towel. Thank you so much for the tips 🙂
    x, Juliet

  • Rosi C

    Great ideas. I actually learned a few recently. I do need to REad the manual.Lol 🙂

  • Ace Rich

    Very good! I love these detailed awesome ideas you shared thanks!

  • All the love for this post! I’m such a pic newbie lol thanks for all the advice ((:

    • Hello Wanessa,

      Thank you so much for your comment! It is really nice of you 🙂

  • Great background hack. Photography is a weak point, so I’m always looking for tips.

  • Alissia Haggard

    This is so helpful! I just got my first DSLR last year and still haven’t learned all there is to learn about it 🙂 Thanks!

    • Hello Alissia, Congratulations on your first camera! Have fun with it

  • Maggie Unzueta

    So helpful. It’s all about trying and experimenting. Thanks for the tips.

    • Hello Maggie! Thank you so much! That is really sweet! And indeed! It is about experimenting! So good luck 😉

  • Thank you! This is so helpful! I never thought about double sided tape for flay lay!


    • Hello tabitha! Thabks for reading! And double sided tape really helps!!!

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  • Ooh, this is only inspiring me even more to get my own fancy camera… love these tips! Never even thought of the paper towel trick, thank you!

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  • Shaeleigh Beaudry

    I totally love some of these reminders aha It should get me back into my camera and playing around with the settings and ISO/Shutter/ETC 🙂 THanks girl!

  • Great idea to print a background! Thanks for that 🙂

  • Great tips! I especially like the suggestion of leaving your set-up how it is until after you’d done looking at the photos. Makes it so much easier to snap a few more if they didn’t turn out right!

    • Yeah that is so true! How many times I had the experience that my photos were messed up. Luckily I still had my set! Yay!

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  • Gill Jacob

    Great post- going to tell a photographer friend who starting blog about these tips- shared to pinterest so I can pass it on!

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  • QuirkyEngineer

    These are such great tips! I loved it. I hope I can incorporate some of these to improve my photos. I’d be so grateful if you could take a look at the ones I currently have and offer some advice. Thanks! 🙂


    • Hi girl!

      sorry for my late response! I love your photos! You are doing such a great job. Especially the one with the white shoes and the frame! But if I can give you 1 tip, it’s to pay more attention to keep your subject in focus. Happy snapping! 🙂

  • Great tips! I’m a very amateur photographer but I hope that your hacks will help me be more confident, take better pictures and use them in my blog. Thank you!