iCapture The eBook that will teach you how to simplify photography by using your iPhone camera only. (And still capture professional photos that will help you skyrocket your business)

What if you could capture amazing photographs that would attract your dream audience, grow your subscribers and even your revenue without spending $$$ on a DSLR? 

Believe me: You can.  

Does any of this sound familiar?  

Not taking the effort to capture professional photographs because you have no DSLR that captures high-quality photos anyway. That’s why you end up with unprofessional low-quality photos every time.  

Shooting photos with a DSLR, but they turn out worse than expected. Learning how to photograph with a DSLR is really time-consuming. If you don’t learn the settings, you also can’t photograph high-quality photos with a DSLR  

Spending hours a week browsing free stock photos. And when you have finally found the perfect photo, you notice that everybody else already has it.  

Considering purchasing your photos. If you want to use paid stock photos, you might need to purchase a few stock photos a week. Stock photos are around $30. So if you would spend $100 on high-quality stock photos every week, that would cost you $5200 a year!

Do you recognize yourself to any (of all) of the above? Then you are at the right place.  

Imagine that your blog/business has original high-quality photos. People will take you more serious and your business looks more professional.

A few things will happen then:  

You will attract your dream audience way faster. People are more likely to connect with you if you use photos that will represent your brand. That means you will have a higher engagement.  

You will stand out more with your brand. If you use photos nobody else has, you will stand out more since people recognize you by your photos.  

People are more likely to subscribe and buy from you. Yes, grow that email list and revenue! If you use professional photos, people expect immediately that your products and emails are valuable too.  

How do you shoot professional photos if you dont have a DSLR?

I want to introduce my secret weapon: iCapture  

The perfect eBook that will teach you to capture your own professional iPhone photos for (newbie) bloggers, entrepreneurs, photographers and influencers.  

Imagine you don't have to spend 1000 of $$$ on a DSLR and you can still shoot professional photos. iCapture will guide you through the process of shooting professional iPhone photos. After finishing iCapture, you will be taking pictures like these:

"iCapture has everything you need to know to start taking beautiful photos. The best part is that you don't need to invest in big equipment or props, Chelsea teaches you how to make the most of what you already have to create a cohesive Instagram style. I highly recommend it!"  

- Maru of Fahiony Fab

Why an iPhone and not a DSLR? Because I understand that you can’t spend $$$ on a DSLR when you are just starting out. So why not take advantage of the thing we take with us the most: Our iPhone. Here is what iCapture will teach you:

All the right settings you need to enable on your iPhone camera

How to use proper lighting in your photos, and how to get the most out of your light.

How to style your photos and how to use the right composition

How to capture your photos (The right way!)

How you can edit your photo to make them stand out even more

How to export your photos

“iCapture is a unique way to learn more about the iPhone Camera. It helps out in difficult situations where you have a hard time to take photos! iCapture motivates and teaches great new things that even a well known iPhone user doesn’t know of. iCapture changed my view on photography on my iPhone! And when reading this e-book you’ll understand everything immediately; it’s written that good and simple! Maybe Apple should put iCapture in every new iPhone box as a guide..”  

- Clarence of Clarence the Illustrator

Instead of spending 100+ hours pouring through Youtube tutorials, or dropping $300 on some outdated college photography course....let me give you all the best shortcuts for just $19

Sooooo, who is this iPhone-Photography-Guardian-Angel?

Chelsea van Egmond is a creative girl boss who is specialized in shooting professional photos (With both an iPhone and DSLR), hand-lettering and Bullet Journaling. She also runs a blog called Join the Creative Side where she teaches bloggers and entrepreneurs how they can improve their creative skills even if they don’t have any experience or a big budget. Her #1 mission: To help you to make money with your creativity.


What happens when I buy iCapture? 

You'll get an email with an instant download.

Do I need an iPhone for this eBook? 

Yep. You definitely need an iPhone for this eBook. If you have an Android, you could still purchase the book, but you will might have some trouble reading chapter 1, 4 and the bonus chapter.

What’s included? 

  • The eBook itself (PDF) 
  • Access to the affiliate program

Is this eBook for me if I don’t know anything about iPhone photography? 

Yes! Then iCapture is definitely for you. In this eBook, I will teach you how you can shoot professional photos with your iPhone camera from scratch.

Do you offer any refunds?  

I got you! If you aren't satisfied with iCapture within 30 days, we will give you a full refund.

“Chelsea has created a practical guide to shooting iPhone photos that has really opened my eyes to just how much you can actually do with an iPhone camera. Everything from setting up for your shoot to tiny setting changes you can make that have a huge impact really make this book an essential for anyone with an online business. I am an Instagram Marketer and wish all of my clients had this book! ”  

- Mackayla of Social Stylings