5 Bullet Journal pages you need if you are an Entrepreneur or Blogger


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A month ago, I noticed that I lost my focus on my blog. I had no clear goals, not a clear schedule, and I never managed it to finish my to-do list.

I had heard of a Bullet Journal before, but I never tried it. But I knew that if I wanted to buy a planner, it would be a Bullet Journal. That is because you can go crazy with your layouts when it comes to Bullet Journaling. There are no limits. And since I am a creative person, I like it if there are no boundaries. I think you can relate too 😉

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I was browsing Youtube and Instagram, and I began to saw more and more Bullet Journal layouts that inspired me. A few minutes later I added my first Bullet Journal to my shopping cart.

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So, what is a Bullet Journal?

A Bullet Journal is a book with a dotted grid. It can be anything you want. It can be a planner, a tracker, a scheduler, a meal planner, an organizer, a bucket list, and so on and so on. Literally anything.

Since the paper doesn’t bleed through if you use the recommended material, you can go crazy with your designs. Throughout this blog post, I will list some recommended materials.

When I purchased a Bullet Journal, I immediately watched inspiring Youtube channels (Like AmandaRachLee) to come up with creative layouts. I also created a board on Pinterest where I pin inspiring doodles and layouts

When I wrote down all my goals, my tasks, and my weekly to-do list, I immediately felt more productive, inspired and motivated. I started completing more and more tasks, and I was also way more productive with my time. Bullet Journaling saved my business and helped it grow.

Since I am obsessed with your success, I want you to achieve the same; Seeing success in your business by keeping up a Bullet Journal to unleash your creativity and to stay organized.

But where do you start?

That can be a little confusing. What pages do you need? Which supplies do you need that don’t bleed through the pages?

Don’t worry; I got you covered. In this post, I will show you the 5 Bullet Journal pages you need if you are an entrepreneur or a blogger. Let’s go.

The monthly overview

The first thing I recommend you to include in your Bullet Journal is a monthly overview. With this handy summary, you can see your month at a glance, what day at a week it will be at a particular date, and you could write down your future appointments.Join The Creative Side | 5 Bullet Journal pages you need if you are an Blogger or Entrepreneur Monthly

I also added a little tracker below the calendar to keep track of my following on my social media platforms, my email list, and my page views. In this way, I can see if I made any progress for Join The Creative Side.

On the right side, you can also find an overview as a list. I separated business and personal to keep a more detailed track of my appointments. I use a waterproof fine liner from Staedtler to write everything down, and the Pentel brush pen to create those headings.


Weekly Spread

Besides a monthly spread, I also create a weekly spread. In this way, I can schedule all my tasks by week. Sometimes I include some extra things in my weekly spread like the weather forecast, or notes, or some cute washi tape. I also include tasks that need to be done next week. I think my weekly spread is one of my handiest spreads I have created.Join The Creative Side | 5 Bullet Journal pages you need if you are an Blogger or Entrepreneur

To see a time-lapse of me creating a weekly spread: Scroll to the top to watch my Youtube video.

Habit trackers (And lots of other trackers)

I use a lot of trackers in my Bullet Journal to keep track of anything that is important to me. It is so satisfying to color the milestones I have reached or to color the habits I did that day. These trackers motivate me to reach my goal even faster.

Join The Creative Side | 5 Bullet Journal pages you need if you are an Blogger or Entrepreneur Tracker

Here you can see my Habit Tracker. With this tracker, I can see if I complete any habits. Down below you can see my mood tracker. In this way, I can see if the Habit Tracker will affect my mood. For example; If my mood is better when I complete all my habits.

At the side of the tracker, I wrote some motivational quotes, and I decided to add some purple and blue watercolor. For this, I used the Tombow Dual Brush Pens Bright and a Pentel Aqua brush to blend the colors. And don’t worry, it doesn’t bleed through the page. You can go crazy with watercolors.

Next, to the Habit Tracker, I have my spending log. There I can keep track of where my money goes. And yes that $30 bikini top was essential 😉  

Down there I have my sales tracker to see if I made any sales of my books.

And the last tracker I have is my Insta Tracker. With my Insta Tracker, I keep track of reaching my following growth of 3.000 followers (Will you help me?). Every time I arrive at a new milestone, I color it with my Tombow Dual Brush Pen.

To see a time-lapse of my Insta tracker, scroll to the top to watch my Youtube video.

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Goals page

I have one goals page where I write down all my goals I want to accomplish. These are the goals that I want to achieve this summer 2017. I divided my goals page by tasks, goals and the jar of goals.

Join The Creative Side | 5 Bullet Journal pages you need if you are an Blogger or Entrepreneur tasks and goals

Tasks: These are the tasks that need to be completed to get one step closer to my goals.

Goals: The goals are the things I want to accomplish this summer. For example getting my driving license, buy an iMac, etc. You could choose to help me reach my goals by purchasing your products through one of my affiliate links.

Jar of Goals: Below the two columns, I have my Jar of Goals. There I can fill in the goals I can keep track. Coloring those jars motivates me even more, and I just really like it to color these jars.

Content Idea Pages/Brain Dump

Sometimes I have that moment when a great content idea pops up in my mind. I don’t want to write that down on a random page in my Bullet Journal to avoid clutter. That is why I created three pages especially for that. Blog post ideas, Youtube video ideas, and Brain Dump.

Join The Creative Side | 5 Bullet Journal pages you need if you are an Blogger or Entrepreneur content

Blog Post Ideas: On my Blog Post Ideas page I write down all the blog post ideas that pop up in mind. Once I finished writing a blog post, I cross it off. But I still make sure my layout stays cute by adding doodles with fine liners, Watercolor and Brush Pens.

Youtube Ideas: On this page, I write down all the video content ideas where I think of my audience will love it. Once I finished these videos, I color the speech bubbles.

Brain Dump: Next to the doodle ideas I have a Brain Dump page. I created this page for tasks I need to accomplish but haven’t scheduled yet because they don’t have a due date. If I have some spare time, I always check this page to see if I can accomplish one of those unscheduled tasks.

Those were my top 5 Bullet Journal pages you need if you are an Entrepreneur or Blogger. If you want to see the Youtube video, make sure to scroll up to watch it. And don’t forget to subscribe 😉

Here are the materials I mentioned in this blog post and video:

What is your favorite Bullet Journal page? Let me know in the comments.

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