I'm Chelsea van Egmond

I am going to help you to create stunning digital art

Join The Creative Side is dedicated to helping you to become a profitable artist.

It is a place to get inspiration, to subscribe to exclusive stuff where I will send newsletters with GIF's,  no bs-advice, and tools to become a creative, successful artist.


Over the last few years, I have been pouring my heart and soul into one thing: Unleashing my creativity and making money with my artwork.

This lifestyle allows me to love my job (Oh man, I even love Mondays now) focusing on creating new artwork every day, working from wherever I want, making my audience and customers happy, spending more time with my friends and family, and making an income with doing what I love (Yes you can too!).

I have always been passionate about starting my own creative business, (Man, I hated it to be trapped in a regular job and internship) Calligraphy, Photographing, Bullet Journaling and always exploring my creativity. Let’s say I tried every creative hobby. From airbrushing to drawing. I have tried them all.

But my love for digital painting shop never faded. And I thought; If I can make money with my art, I can also teach other people how they can too.

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And that is when I started Join The Creative Side.

Join The Creative Side is a blog that will teach you how you become a profitable artist, make money with your art, and live a creative & free life.

So if you are currently stuck in your 9 to 5, and you want to learn how you can make money with your creativity; You are so at the right place.

I will teach you those artist skills through blog posts, videos, courses, and I will also answer all your questions inside my free Facebook group The Artist Lounge.

Before you get started, download your free Photoshop Line Art brushes. These brushes come with a 20-minute video training, that will walk you through how you can create sharp and crisp line art.