20 Passive income product ideas to sell in your Etsy shop

Join the Creative Side | 20 passive income product ideas to sell in your Etsy shop. A passive income is a great way to boost your Etsy income on autopilot. Let me give you 20 examples of passive income products so you can start making sales on autopilot.

A passive income product is a great way to boost your Etsy income on autopilot. Passive income means that you do the work once, and keep getting paid. For example; Printables on Etsy.

Let’s break it down, and let me give you four pros of passive income (and why you need them too).

1. Your product can be sold over and over again without requiring extra work

When you are selling passive products like printables, you can sell it over and over again. You only have to design it once, and then you can let it ‘’sit’’ there. This means you can sell your product over and over again, without having to do anything.

2. You don’t have to ''make'' anything

Every time you will get a sale, you only have to do a happy dance.

When you are selling non-passive products, you’d need to create the product again every time you are selling something. This means that you can only sell the amount you can make in a day.

This means it is tough to grow your revenue.

But with passive products like printables, it is really easy to grow your revenue, since you can sell your products infinite times. The only thing you have to do is to create the product once, and then you can let it sit there. So actually you are not ‘’making’’ anything.

Passive income allows you that you can make money in your sleep.

3. Passive income is a huge time saver

Since you are not consistently creating products, passive income is a huge time-saver. As I already mentioned before, you will only have to create the product once. ONCE.

Then you can upload it to Etsy as a digital download, and tada!

Since you don’t have to create products over and over again, you will save you a lot of time.

You can choose to invest this time in something else:

  • Designing more passive products
  • Market your Etsy shop - Hello extra sales!
  • Going on a weekend trip
  • Spend more time with your family
  • Work fewer hours a week

4. You can quickly increase your revenue with passive products.

If you create a printable on Etsy and make a digital download for it, you only have to list it once, and you can let it sit there.

If a person purchases your printable, he can download it straight away. And since it is passive, the same design can be sold over and over again.

You can sell it one time a day, but also 1.000 times a day. This means you can quickly grow your revenue since no extra work is required.

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Let me give you 20 examples of passive income products so you can start making sales on autopilot.

1. Printable Wall Art

Printable wall art is the most common passive product to sell on Etsy. People are always looking for a way to upgrade their home. And a printable is perfect for that. Your customers can print it out themselves, and hang it in their home/office.

You can easily design printables with Canva or Adobe Illustrator.

If you would like to learn how you can design printables, and how you can automate your Etsy sales with it, you should totally sign up for my FREE course:

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2. Printable Planners

Printable Planners are a great way to stay organized. I have been there. Every time I find a beautiful planner in a store, I open it, and the layout on the inside is U-G-L-Y as h*ll. #GraphicDesignerStruggles

That is why a lot of people are selling printable planners on Etsy. You can find the style that you like, print it out, and clip it to your clipboard or staple it together.

If you have a unique style other people admire, and you like it to organize; Why not combine both and create a digital planner?

3. SVG’s

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphic. People use SVG’s to design graphics, print stickers, cut vinyl designs or to use them as clipart. There is a really high market for SVG’s.

4. Printable Package Designs

A lot of people (especially Etsy shop owners) are looking for a way to style their product package. The packaging is the first thing their customers see, so it should make a killer impression.

5. Stock Photos

Most of the business owners don’t have photography skills but are always looking for unique stock photos. Let’s face it: Free stock photo sites like Unsplash and Pexel are not original anymore. And let’s not even start with those cheesy stock photos on Shutterstock.

Your mission is to create unique, appealing stock photos. But make sure you keep a ‘’theme’’ so your focus is clear. Don’t create stock photos about business, woman, cooking, sports, animals, etc. Make sure to choose a clear focus, or to create bundles.

6. Mock-Ups

If you want to take your stock photos to the next level, try to create mock-ups. For this, you need some Photoshop skills and products with no designs on it.

Not familiar with mock-ups? Read this blog post: A complete guide to mock-ups for Etsy shop owners.

7. Invitations

If your niche is wedding, parties, events or something similar; You should design invitations. You could easily design them in Canva/Illustrator, or create an editable template in Canva or Word so your customers can edit them themselves.

If you decide to edit them for them, it is not completely passive anymore, but hey, it is better than producing, packaging and shipping them yourself right?

8. Printable Cards

Cards are a little different from invitations. You could choose to design birthday cards, valentines cards, Christmas cards, etc. The possibilities are unlimited.

Your customers can download it straight away and print the design on their cards.

9. Clipart

Clipart is almost the same as SVG’s. But clip art gets mostly used for graphics and SVG’s for cutting out files like stickers.

10. Fonts

If you are good at hand-lettering and Graphic Design: This is your chance to design your own font. A lot of business are looking for a unique font.

I mean come on; Everyone already uses Helvetica or Arial. It is not unique anymore. I even invested to purchase my own font. #WORTHIT


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11. Pre-Made Logos

Speaking of branding, a lot of people are looking for a logo for their Etsy shop, but don’t want to spend too much. So they are looking for pre-made logos. Pre-made logos are logos people buy and can use immediately.

These logos are not one of a kind. This means many Etsy shop users use the same logo. You can create a set of those pre-made logos and sell them in your Etsy shop.

12. Branding Kits

Speaking of branding again: Why not create whole brandings in a branding kit. If you are good at designing brands, a branding kit is great to make.

A branding kit includes a logo, font choice, color palette and graphic style.

Again, those branding kits are not one of a kind, and they can be sold over again.

13. Courses

If you have a lot of questions from your customers how you create those products; Why not turn it into a course and sell it in your Etsy shop.

You can sell a document with a link to the content where you hosted your course. How wonderful!

14. Sewing Patterns

If you are a fan of sewing, you can sell sewing patterns. These are a great way of passive income, and a lot of people like to DIY their products nowadays.

15. Crochet / Knitting patterns

The same for crocheting and knitting. If you create unique designs, you should totally sell your patterns.

16. E-Books

If you want to deliver your course or tutorial in a smaller format, you could choose to create an eBook. And this is not hard at all! You can easily create an eBook in Pages, Word or Google Docs. and export it as a PDF

17. Labels

A lot of people that want to get organized need those sticky labels. They are perfect for organizing. And if you know how to create beautiful designs, this is a great idea for you.

I mean, come on! People don’t like those boring white labels anymore. It is time for beautiful labels.

You can sell them as a PDF, and people can download them straight away and print them.

18. Stickers

Stickers are great! You can use them for planning, decoration, or stick them to your friend's forehead. Kidding.

If you know some great designs for stickers, why not deliver stickers as a digital download?

19. Signs

Signs can be used for many purposes; Weddings, toddlers first day at school, restaurants, etc. And chalkboard signs are really trending now. You can deliver them as a PDF; your customers can print it, and frame it.

20. Physical Passive Products

Physical passive products are a great way to boost your income. I sell passive physical products like mugs, shirts and tote bags. They are passive because I outsource everything.

Join the Creative Side | 20 passive income product ideas to sell in your Etsy shop. A passive income is a great way to boost your Etsy income on autopilot. Let me give you 20 examples of passive income products so you can start making sales on autopilot.

In my course, Profitable Passive Products for Etsy Sellers, I will guide you through the process of designing and setting up those passive income products.

Also, in my free email course, I will show you how you can automate your Etsy sales. I hear great responses from people about how valuable this course is.

Those were all the passive product ideas to sell on Etsy. My favorite one is the physical passive product stream. If you would like to learn how you can do that, you should check out my free email course: Automate Your Etsy Sales.

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