5 Etsy courses on Skillshare you need to watch if you want to become a successful Etsy seller

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I am so excited to talk again about one of my favorite platforms: Skillshare. A couple of months ago, I published a post about 5 reasons why you should get your ass on Skillshare right now.

Skillshare is my to-go hub if I want to learn new skills. So far I have learned hand lettering, sign language(!), photography, social media marketing, and also classes about Etsy. You can use my link to claim a 2-month trial. You won’t be charged until those two months are over, and you can even cancel in your trial period. That means you can try Skillshare at no risk.

I am not a big fan of learning things from Youtube because most of the content you watch can be outdated. That is why I choose a platform like Skillshare. Their content gets updated continuously, and I am supporting the teachers when I watch their classes.

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When I opened my Etsy shop, I wanted to get a jumpstart and get ahead of all the beginning Etsy shops. That is why I decided to look on Skillshare for Etsy courses. And man! I felt like I was in a goldmine. They have +700 classes on Etsy as I am now writing this.

Since there are so many choices, it would take forever for you to watch them all. That is why I decided to pick the top 5 classes about Etsy and summarize them in this post. And they complement each other. Each class is about a different topic on Etsy. Claim your 60-day trial here with my link.

You can learn any skill you want on Skillshare. If you want to learn how to sell polymer clay creations, for example, Skillshare teaches you how to make polymer creations. Want to make illustrations? No problem! Skillshare has it. Refer to my other Skillshare post to check out what categories are available on Skillshare.

Let’s walk through the five best Etsy courses on Skillshare.

This blog post contains affiliate links. By clicking on one of these links, you can get a free trial, and I may receive a small commission. This allows me to continue creating content like this. Don't worry; I only recommend things I swear by. I really hope that one day, I can make a full-time income with my blog. Thank you for supporting Join The Creative Side.

Building an Etsy Shop that Sells: Strategies for E-Commerce Success


With over +12.000 students, Parker Grand is teaching a class about how you can start an Etsy shop that sells. Not only am I amazed at his strategies, but I also love how he breaks everything down step by step.

He really goes into detail. He explains what a Marketplace is, he explains why you should sell on Etsy, and he also gives reasons why you should sell on multiple platforms. How amazing is that?

Afraid your item won’t sell? Parker even gives you great tips and formulas to find out if your idea sells.

To give you a hint: You can make more money if you sell on multiple platforms. It allows you to add an extra income stream. And remember: A millionaire has an average of 7 income streams.

Parker also shows other Etsy shops as an example, so you can see what each shop is doing to be successful.

And to make it even better: He also covers SEO! You know, that thing most Etsy sellers struggle with ;)

Sign up for a 60-day trial to get started with this class.

Beginning Etsy Sellers.... Start With Stupendous Shipping!

I have never considered selling physical products because I am too afraid to ship them. I live in the Netherlands, and my target audience lives in America. I used to be scared that the package gets lost, or that I calculate the wrong shipping price, or that my item gets damaged.

If you are in the same boat, I got THE PERFECT solution for you: Tara Jacobsen. She created an entire Skillshare class about how to ship your Etsy products. This Etsy course is a goldmine if you want to learn how to ship your products.

She will show you the shipping materials you need, how to set up shipping profiles on Etsy, and even how to get free shipping stuff. I’m not kidding!

Oh, and she even walks you through how to set up your first shipping on Etsy. Say bye bish to trial and error!

She also covers different shipping profiles, how to pay your bill, how to refund shipping overages, and more!

Start taking this class today for free with my free 60-day trial.

Etsy Side Hustle: How to Make Money with Etsy Without “Making” Anything!

Yes. This is possible. If you are hanging out on my blog for a while, you know that you can make money on Etsy without ‘’making’’ anything by adding a passive income stream.

But this amazing women Jules Tillman took this to a whole new level.  She is not talking about passive income.

So, how can you make money without ‘’making’’ anything?

With affiliate income. Yes! Etsy has an affiliate program. That is a great way to boost your income. You can create a Pinterest board with all your favorite products, and add an affiliate link. Or when someone is searching for a product, make sure to provide them that product with an affiliate link.

Jules shows you how you can sign up for the affiliate program, and how to generate links for each product. After that, she is going to show you how to market them by scheduling your pins with Tailwind.

And to take it even more to infinity and beyond (Yes I just totally quoted buzz lightyear), Jules will explain how to make more money with affiliate links from your blog, and how to pin products from other Etsy blogs with your affiliate links. Cha-ching $$$

Get started with this class for free by claiming your free 60-day trial.

How To Sell Your Art Online On Etsy

When I opened this class, I was speechless. Why isn’t this girl selling this course for $300?! Seriously. There is SO much detail in this class. It has 25(!) modules! Most of the Skillshare classes have 5-15 modules.

Melanie Greenwood is the creator of one of these Etsy courses. And thank god she created this course. It contains so much value!

Melanie teaches Etsy sellers how they can make money with their original artwork. And she literally covers everything in detail. And not to mention, she is also encouraging.

She will explain why she chose Etsy, and why your art is good enough. Yes, people would actually spend $150 on original paintings.

She shows you how to set up your shop, how to work with manufacturers, how to handle fees, and what you need to do to get a sale.

And it doesn’t stop there. After that, she will show you how to take gorgeous photos of your artwork that convert.  After you have shot the picture, she will show you how to edit it properly.

Melanie is not afraid to show her imperfections. She will show you all the photography mistakes she made in the past so that you can learn from it. You go, Melanie!

Then she shows you how to set up your listing, your SEO, shipping, Tags, description, etc. DANG! If I am going to write down everything she will teach you this blog post will have 5.000 words. You get my point. She will show you every detail about Etsy. Her Etsy course is a goldmine.

Click here to take this class. Use my link to get a 60-day trial. You won’t be charged until the trial has passed, and you can cancel anytime.

Etsy: Social Media marketing

So, now you know how to photograph, market, ship and create your products. Fantastic. But we are not there yet. Etsy has over 3 million sellers. Of course, you need to stand out. If you upload your products and wait for people to buy them, you can wait forever (This happened to my first shop years ago).

People need to find you. You need to stand out between those 3 million sellers. Okay, don’t panic. You just need to build your own empire. You could start a Facebook group (Join mine!), open an Instagram account, or pin your products on Pinterest.

But how do you get started?

That’s where Sergey Kasimov comes in. He is a social media expert when it comes to Etsy. He will teach you how you can market your Etsy shop on Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, your Facebook page and in Facebook groups.

Ready for all that social media traffic? Start taking Sergey’s class now for free with my 60-day trial.

These are the best Etsy courses on Skillshare. As you know, Skillshare is an online teaching platform where you can learn every skill you want.

Let’s say you make jewelry. You can learn on Skillshare how to make jewelry. Want to learn how to crochet and sell your creations on Etsy? Skillshare has 96 classes now to teach you how to crochet. And the list goes on and on. You don’t have to stick to the five classes above. You can learn anything you want.

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I would love to know which Etsy course on Skillshare is your favorite. Let me know by leaving a comment.

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