5 Strategies to make more money on Gumroad as an artist

So, you have opened your Gumroad shop, and you aren’t making the sales you deserve? I totally get you. Your hand-made Photoshop or Procreate brushes (or any other digital products) deserve it to make more money. That’s why I am going to give you 5 tips to make money on Gumroad as an artist, so you can finally earn some income with your creative career. #Gumroad #digitalart #photoshopbrushes #procreatebrushes #makemoneyartist #sellart

We are back with another blog post about Gumroad. In my previous blog post, I have helped you to set up your Gumroad profile and to create your first product.  If you haven’t started with Gumroad yet, I recommend you to read my other blog post first. There, I will go in detail about how you can set up your Gumroad shop, and how you can add your first product. You can read the blog post here.

So, you have finally set up your Gumroad shop, stocked it with your hand-made Photoshop or Procreate brushes (or any other digital products), and then… Crickets. No sales at all. Are you shaking your head right now while saying in your head; ‘’This is me?!’’

Good. That means you are in the right place. In this blog post, I am going to give you 5 Strategies to make more money on Gumroad as an artist. Want to know how to execute every idea in detail? Make sure to download the Gumroad Creator Checklist. Inside this freebie, I will show you how to implement all of these strategies step by step, so you can start increasing your income right away.

1. Create an army of affiliates

Raise an army of affiliates and take over the world.


I am just kidding. Let me explain to you what affiliates exactly are. Affiliates are people that get a small cut for promoting your products.

Let’s say you sell a Photoshop brush pack for $10, and you want more sales. You know an artist with a big audience, and you are sure their audience will love your brushes. You could approach that artist to become an affiliate.

Let’s say you decide to give that person a 40% commission for every sale that’s made through your link. Here is how that process works:

That person gets a special link he can use to promote your brushes (This is all automatically done by Gumroad, so no worries about that!). He is going to promote the brushes on his Instagram account (or any other platform), and he includes his affiliate link. When someone buys your brush pack through his link, you will get $6, and he will get $4. It is a win-win situation because he earns money by promoting your brushes, and your brushes will be exposed in front of a bigger audience. Yay for both of you!

I highly recommend having a couple of artists that are affiliated with your products. It might seem that you are giving away some of your profit, but you have to see it from the bright side; Your brushes will be exposed in front of another , bigger audience. And without them, you wouldn’t get as much sales as you would with high-quality affiliates.

Now, don’t just add random people as an affiliate to make money. It is better to have high-quality affiliates than dozens of affiliates who only promote your brushes once. You don’t want to spend your time on that.

Let them take a survey (I use Typeform for this) where you can ask them questions so you can get them to know better.

Want to know how to set up affiliates correctly? Download my Gumroad Creator Checklist. It is jam-packed with things you need to do to create a killer impression, and every step to make more money in this blog post is broken down into detailed steps. Oh, and did I mentioned this checklist is free?

Run a Sale

This one is straightforward but highly effective: Running a sale. I bet that we all have bought something that was on sale. Think about all the money you have saved from buying on sale! I know I sound like a crazy shopaholic now.

But seriously, a lot of people have this mindset. Customers love buying things on sale. And since Photoshop or Procreate brushes are not physical products, it doesn’t cost you that much to run a sale.

You only created these brushes once, and they can be purchased countless times. This is also called passive income.

Because of this, you are not trading hours for dollars. So it doesn’t feel like a loss of money when you run a sale, because you don’t have to cover material costs, shipping costs, etc.

Maybe this sounds somewhat vague, but the moral of the story: You are losing less money when you run a sale when you sell digital products, so why not give it a shot?! I am currently also hosting a 50% off sale for my 21 glitter brushes for Adobe Photoshop.

Enable Gumroad Discover feature

I LOVE the discover feature on Gumroad. Gumroad promotes your products for you, in exchange for 10% of your profit. If they do all my promoting work for only a 10% cut, I do not even think twice about it. Let’s get more into detail about that:

As they state on their website; ‘’Every day, we see amazing creators doing what they love and selling their work directly to their audiences. Many are making great livings, and thousands more are on their way. However, so many creators have creative talent and drive ... but no audience. With Gumroad Discover, we’ll help you grow beyond your friends and core followers to a much wider group of people who care about you and your work.’’

‘’Gumroad Discover works by recommending your products to buyers of related work from other creators after they’ve made a sale. Recommended products will show up on receipts and download pages. But that’s not all. Products by creators with Gumroad Discover enabled will be searchable at gumroad.com/discover. And we're constantly thinking about new ways to showcase your work.’’ Source.

You create the products, and they promote it. I think this is a great deal in my opinion. They promote your products in 3 different places:

Image by Gumroad.

Image by Gumroad.

There are no catches. They advertise your products, and in exchange, they take 10% of your profit, but only when you make a sale through Gumroad discover.

Want to know how you can enable Gumroad Discover yourself? Download the Gumroad Creator Checklist where I will break down every step of this process, plus all the other methods inside this blog post.

Customize your checkout page

Did you know that the average conversion rate of your checkout page is about 10-20%? So out of 10 people who visit your checkout page, only 1 or 2 customers buy your product. And that is when you have OPTIMIZED your checkout page.

Imagine how low your conversion rate would be if you haven’t optimized your checkout page. If you haven’t already; it is time to tweak your checkout page, so your customers would want friggin love it to slam that ‘’buy now’’ button. Let me give you a tip right away; Don’t use the text ‘’Buy now’’ as a checkout button. It is standard, and it is turning more people off than you think. Here are some options that you could use:

  • ‘’I want that!’’

  • ‘’Send them to me!’’

  • ‘’Get them now.’’

These are fun, personalized and they are engaging with your future customer rather than something standard and boring like ‘’buy now’’.

Other ways to customize your checkout page is choosing a different template and using your brand colors. Also, remove fields that are not necessary. If they are downloading a digital product, you don’t need their shipping address. A lot of people drop off when their checkout page is too long, and you don’t want that to happen.

Note, these features are only available for Gumroad premium. Luckily for you, you don’t have to break the bank to get access to all of their amazing features. For just $10/month, you can have access to their premium benefits. Not convinced yet? They have a 14-day trial available so you can try&test Gumroad Premium.

Use the ''Pay what you want'' feature

I also mentioned this feature in my previous blog post; The ‘’pay what you want’’ feature. This feature can help you make more money if your customers decide to pay you more than the price you listed.

I have plenty of free brushes on my Gumroad page, but I have enabled a ‘’pay what you want’’ feature. In this way, people can grab it for free, or give $1, $2 or as much as they want.

You can also set a limit. If you sell brushes for $10, you can enable a ‘’Pay what you want’’ feature that starts from $10. In this way, they can’t grab it for free, but they can give you $12 if they want.

Note that not everyone gives you something extra. It took me a long time to receive $1 for these free brushes, but it is a great way to earn something extra right?

If you would like to learn how to set up this feature, make sure to download the free Gumroad Creator Checklist. Here, I will break down every step in detail.

What is your favorite strategy to make money on Gumroad? I would LOVE to know. Leave a comment with your preferred strategy.

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So, you have opened your Gumroad shop, and you aren’t making the sales you deserve? I totally get you. Your hand-made Photoshop or Procreate brushes (or any other digital products) deserve it to make more money. That’s why I am going to give you 5 tips to make money on Gumroad as an artist, so you can finally earn some income with your creative career. #Gumroad #digitalart #photoshopbrushes #procreatebrushes #makemoneyartist #sellart

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