The complete guide to mock-ups for Etsy shop owners

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Every time I list a new item in my Etsy shop, I get tons of compliments and question about my product photography. People are asking me how I get such perfect lighting, what camera equipment I use, god, they even ask me if the donut in the picture is real(Asking the real questions you know!). Let’s spill the beans right away: I barely shoot my own product photos. I use mock-ups.

In this blog post, I will explain you everything about mock-ups. I will tell you what they are, why you should use them, where you can purchase them, and how to use them.

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What are mock-ups?

According to Cambridge Dictionary: ‘’A full-size model of something large that has not yet been built, showing how it will look or operate.’’ Okay, now in an actual language: A mock-up actually previews how your design will look like on a product.

Let’s take a look at my latest listing: My sarcastic coffee mug (You can get it here)

As I already mentioned before; I did not shot this photo. I bought this mock-up from Creative Market, and then I loaded my design in a Photoshop file, and there you go: A product image without shooting photos of the actual product.

Why am I using Mock-Ups

As you may already know, I am located in The Netherlands, and I use Printful to print, package and ship my Etsy products. Printful is located in the USA. If I want to list a new mug to my Etsy shop with a real product photo, I am facing a lot of obstacles. The first one is that I probably have to pay more for shipping than my mug. After that, I have to wait three weeks until my mug arrives since I am not located in the USA, and then I have to shoot the photo.

That means that if I design something, it will take a MONTH before I can publish it in my Etsy shop.

The reason why I use mock-ups is in 2 words: Time Saving. If I design a quote, I can immediately look how the design will look like on a mug. I don’t have to order it first before I can see it.

It will also save money. I don’t have to purchase every product I list in my Etsy shop. Although, I wished I had enough money to buy all my products since I am thrilled with how they turn out each time.

And if photography is not your best skill: Mock-ups are made for you. You don’t have to invest time in shooting photos since people already shot & edited pretty product mockups for you.


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Where to get mock-ups?

There are tons of free mock-up websites like where you can download free mock-ups. Although, my preference goes to paid mockups. Here are a few reasons why I believe you should invest in paid mock-ups:

  • The quality is way better

  • Not everyone spends money to paid mock-ups. That means that the chance is reaaally low that someone else has the same mockups. When I used to download free mock-ups, I always saw my mock-up being used by at least five other persons. You don’t want to be ‘’that’’ person right? Exactly! You want to be original.

  • They have better instructions than free mock-ups. If you are new to mock-ups, it might get hard to use it. I have been using mock-ups the wrong way for two years. Paid mock-ups have way better instructions included

  • You can ensure you can use them for your shop. With most free mock-ups, you are not allowed to use them in your store to display your products. If you want to be sure, I will purchase a mock-up on Creative Market. They always include a license and even give you information about legal use in the description.

I prefer to purchase my mock-ups at Creative Market. I love it that I can make independent shop owners happy with a Cha-Ching! And not to mention, they deliver excellent work. I recently bought the mock-up bundle you can see above. It contains  25 images (!)

If you want to take a look at more mockups I suggest, make sure to check out my Pinterest board about Mockups worth buying.

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How to use mockups

Congratulations. You purchased a mock-up. Now you have to know how to actually use the mock-up. For this, you need Photoshop since the purchased files are in Photoshop format. And of course, you need my FREE detailed mock-up guide. In this guide, I will explain all the steps to upload your design on a mock-up. It takes less than a minute.

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Do you use mock-ups? What is your favorite place to purchase them?

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