How to set up a successful Etsy shop, and start making sales right away

Join The Creative Side | How to set up a successful Etsy shop, and start making sales right away. I will guide you through every step to set up your successful Etsy shop, so you are ready to make sales right away.

Did you know that most of the Etsy shops don’t make it? Sounds scary right? Well, I am not here to scare you, don’t worry! I am here to relieve all your stress about your Etsy shop, and I will help you how you can set up a successful Etsy shop.

Before we dive in: Running a successful Etsy business takes time, patience and effort. If it were easy, anyone would do it.

I have people coming to me, asking what I do for a living. Then, I tell them I am a blogger and a shop owner, and of course, the first question they ask me is: ‘’How much do you make a month?’’.

Well, not so long ago, I decided to keep my income private for others. That is why I tell them how much the average blogger makes. ( About $10.000 - $100.000/month).

And then they always say: ‘’Oh, well then I will become a blogger too so I can make cash millions too.’’ Seriously. You don’t want to know how many times I kicked someone in the face (In my head, not for real of course) every time they said that.

But the little savage in me always tells them: ‘’Oh yes you should!’’ And a week late they are calling me: ‘’Chelsea, I still haven’t made a dime!’’ (Note that they don’t take the effort to invest and work for it. They expected the money to roll)

So small recap: Building a successful Etsy shop takes effort. But if you set up your Etsy shop the right way, you are already one step ahead.

That is why I will guide you through every step to set up your successful Etsy shop, so you are ready to make sales right away.

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Opening your successful Etsy shop

In the first section, we are going to focus on opening your Etsy shop. In my opinion, this part is the most boring part since we have to discuss some bank details.

Open your shop

To set up a successful Etsy shop, you need to open your store. (Captain obvious over here!). Sign up for Etsy to open your Etsy shop. If you do that through this link, you will get 40 free listings. This means you can add 40 products without paying $0.20 for every product you list. This means you will save $8! So where are you waiting for?!

Come up with a shop name

You want people to remember you, so make your shop name count. For me, it was obvious to name my Etsy shop TheCreativeSideShop since my company name is Join The Creative Side.

Make sure it fits your brand, and it is easy to remember. And if you already have a company, name your Etsy shop the same as your company. In this way, your fans will find you easier on Etsy.

Fill in your VAT ID (If you have one)

Vat stands for Value Added Tax. If you have a VAT ID, you are required to fill it in. Well, I am not an accountant, so for more questions, you should contact your accountant.

I am located in the EU, so I am required to fill in my VAT.

Fill in your payment details

Are we all on Etsy to fulfill our passion and make money with it right? Well, if you want to get paid, you need to fill in your payment details. Otherwise, you won’t get paid.

Just fill in how you would like to get paid so Etsy can pay you.

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Verify your bank details

When I made my first sale, I didn’t get paid right away. It says that the transaction was still processing. That is because I forgot to verify my bank details. For this, you have to prove that you are the owner of your business and your bank account.

To verify my bank, I took a picture of my bank card and a copy of my business records. (Such as business name, TAX ID, your name, etc.)


Designing your shop

Now we are going to the fun part. Yay! No more boring bank stuff anymore. I hear you; The first part of setting up your successful Etsy shop is BORING!

Design a logo

Just like your name, your logo has to be recognizable. Make sure it is unique, and easy to remember. Don’t go overboard with your logo. Try to keep it simple. I used the letter C with just some squares around it. And if you already noticed: This is a smaller version of my primary logo.

Join The Creative Side Favicon

Design a shop banner

Make sure your shop banner makes a great impression. After all, it is the first thing people see when they visit your shop. It is so big; you can’t get around it.

You could also choose not to add a banner, but I still highly recommend it. This is a great way to promote discounts, display your products, or to show your Instagram handle.

Share behind the scenes/workspaces photos

If you scroll to the bottom of your Etsy shop, you have the option to share five photos. I use this section to share behind the scenes photos, and photos of my workspace.

In this way, people will engage more with your shop, and your customers love to see how you produce your products.

About your shop

Now we are going to fill in the last details of your shop. Such as about page, policies, and FAQ.

Write a converting shop title

Under your shop name, you can fill in your shop title. This will help you to get found in Etsy search. In my shop, I have hand-lettered sarcastic quotes. So my shop name is Funny, Sarcastic, Inspirational Gifts + Home Decor. Why? Because I know my customers are searching for these specific items.

you are more likely to show up in search results if you have a shop title with keywords that your audience is looking for.

Write a personal and shop about page

People have to know who you are and what your shop is about right? That is why you need to write an about page. This builds trust with your future customers.

On your shop about page, make sure only to share details that are essential. For example, write what you produce, what materials you use, and some behind the scenes detail.

In my shop about section, I share that I hand-letter every quote first before I digitize it. In this way, I gain more respect, and people are more likely to buy from me instead of someone who uses fonts.

Make sure to use the similar info in your shop. Earn their respect.

The same for your personal about page. Tell them where you come from, and where you are passionate about. Skip the details about your age, your favorite food, or how your front yard looks like for sake. Your buyers don’t care about that.

Write your shop policies

Your shop policies are so critical. Before people are deciding if they want to buy your products, they check out your policies.

You probably cringe by the word shop policies, but don’t worry. Etsy comes with a template to fill in your policies. You only have to check some boxes that ask you if you give refunds if you accept cancellations, etc.

Create an FAQ

In this section, you are going to answer all the questions people have about your products.

Let’s say you are making soaps. You might want to answer these questions in your FAQ:

  • What ingredients are you using?
  • What if I am allergic?
  • Will this soap help me reduce my dry skin?
  • Do you accept custom orders?
  • Can I customize my soap?
  • Within how many days does my soap ship?

Create a custom message to buyers

Did you know you can send a customized message to your buyers? This is ideal if you want to send a coupon code to convert your customers into returning customers. Or if you just want to say thank you.

I use this to send a coupon code to my buyers, in case they turn into returning customers.

Those were all the tips to open your own successful Etsy Shop. You are now more educated than most of the people who are screwing around with their Etsy shop.

If you want everything summarized in a checklist, don’t forget to download the Profitable Etsy Toolkit. This toolkit also contains some helpful resources to give your Etsy shop a jumpstart.

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