How to capture professional photos with your iPhone camera


Phone photography starts to become more and more popular nowadays. People rather choose an iPhone camera over a DSLR when they are shooting photos for their blog and Instagram.

I love my DSLR, but sometimes when I want to capture a shot quickly, I choose my iPhone camera over my DSLR.

When you are shooting with a DSLR, you first have to adjust the camera to the right settings. After that, you take the photo, and sometimes you need to adjust the settings again. Then you have to export the photo to your computer. After that, you have to edit the photo and export it to your phone again if you want to upload it to Instagram.

When you capture a photo with my iPhone camera, the only thing you have to do is opening the app, focus, and shoot.

So, can you shoot beautiful photos with your iPhone camera? The short answer is: Yes! Don’t believe me? All the photos below were taken with an iPhone.

But Chelsea, how can I capture professional iPhone photos just like you? Well, in this blog post I will show you how. Shall we? But since this is a blog post series:

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Preparing your iPhone camera

Just like everything you are going to learn: You need to prepare first. The same for iPhone photography. I know I know I just said that you only have to focus and snap, but once you prepared, the only thing you have to do in the future is to focus and snap.

Clean your lens: I hear you thinking: Yes Chelsea I am not stupid! But your iPhone lens gets dirty faster than you think. That is why you should always clean it. Use soft fabric to avoid scratches.

Enable your grid: Your grid are those lines on your camera that form 6 rectangles. Enabling your grid is really important. Why? So you will get more insight into your composition. And also, if you are shooting a flat lay, it won’t be askew

Set the output quality to maximum: What’s the point of taking high-quality photos when the quality isn’t high. Exactly. That’s why you have to make sure to set your output quality to maximum.

Turn off your flash: Turning off your flash is really essential. If you use your flash, your picture will only turn out darker, and there will be some ugly and dark shadows behind your subject.

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The composition

The composition of your photo is the most important! You can take gorgeous and sharp photos, but if your composition is bad, the picture will look bad anyway. So always pay attention to the composition and styling of your picture.

‘’You can take gorgeous and sharp photos, but if your composition is bad, the picture will look bad anyway.’’

Use a clean background: Use a clean and professional background that will match your brand. If you are capturing a photo and there is junk in the background, people will automatically assume your photo is junk too.

Use props that represent your brand: For my Instagram (Let’s be buds!), I use a lot of props that represent my brand. Of course, I don’t always use props that represent my brand since a little bit of variation can be good sometimes. But always make sure that most of the props will represent your brand.

Use a natural light source: The best light you can get is sunlight. If you use natural light, your colors will turn out better, and also your picture will be sharper. That is why you always have to capture your photos in natural light. Whether you are shooting photos with your iPhone camera or a DSLR.


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Editing your Photos

After you shot your photos, it’s time to edit them so they will turn out even better. Editing includes cropping, adjusting and exporting. If you do this, your photos will turn out even better.

Crop your photos to the right size: If you are going to post them on Instagram, then make sure to crop them to a square size. You can also get away with a 5:4 ratio. For every social media post, you have to crop your photos into a different size.

Edit your photos: I always use Snapseed to edit my Instagram and blog photos. Want a full tutorial? Then make sure to head over to my detailed blog post: How I edit my Instagram photos with Snapseed.

Export them to the right file size: This actually combines the cropping and editing. As I already said, every Social Media platform has a different image size. So it is important to export them to the right size, and right file size. Are you going to use JPEG or PNG?! Etc.

Some extra tips

Use a reflector: Want to get even more rid of those shadows? Then make sure to use a reflector*. A reflector will bounce the light, and reduce the shadows. A reflector doesn’t have to be expensive. I lately bought one under $15*! And that money will pay off eventually when you are capturing high-quality photos.

Use a backdrop: A backdrop doesn’t have to be expensive. I literally printed a marble texture on a piece of paper. That small effort improved my photos so much.

Use a ring light: If you live in a country where it’s rainy 90% of the time (like me) then I understand that it is really hard to capture your photos in a natural light source. That is why you need a ring light*. A ring light is a led light in the shape of a ring. And since it is ring-shaped, it won’t create those ugly dark shadows. And if there might appear some shadows, you can reduce them with a reflector really easily. Here is how my pictures look when I use a ring light* when it’s dark outside.

Using these tips, you are able to capture high-quality photos with your iPhone camera that your audience will love.

Hold on

That was a lot of information to process. That is why I designed a beautiful free iPhone Photography checklist for you. You can easily print it, and take it anywhere with you! And it’s free! So if you want to take professional photos with your iPhone camera every time you are planning to shoot, then make sure to grab your free checklist.


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What is your best iPhone photography tip?

Lots of love,


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Chelsea van Egmond is a creative girl boss who is specialized in shooting professional photos (With both an iPhone and DSLR), hand-lettering and Bullet Journaling. She also runs a blog called Join the Creative Side where she teaches bloggers and entrepreneurs how they can improve their photography and graphic design skills even if they don’t have any experience or a big budget. Her #1 mission: To help you build your visual story/brand.