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How to sell your own artwork on products at zero cost with Printful

Learn how to generate sales on autopilot by selling your artwork on physical products without producing, packaging and shipping them yourself with my Skillshare class.


What if you could sell your art on physical products with ease, made sales on autopilot, and generated the sales you deserve without all the hustle + stress?

Let me get honest with you: This is totally possible!

If you are struggling with making money as an artist, you want more hours in a week, and you want to focus on creating more art; This Skillshare class is for you.

But, the truth is, if you keep doing the average artist does, you will get average results. Meaning, if you want to work fewer hours a week, stop spending most of the time creating and shipping products, and focusing more on actually creating your art... You need to do something DIFFERENT than what you’ve been already doing.

That is why I have stored every strategy inside my Skillshare class.

My Skillshare class will teach you how to set up physical,products with your designs printed on it. And nope, you don’t have to produce, package and ship them yourself. This means you can entirely focus on creating art. I mean, isn’t that everyone’s favorite thing to do?!

Let me take you back to how my life was like BEFORE I discovered this time-saving strategy:

I was stressed all the time. I mean, my art was professional, but I couldn’t find a way to monetize it. Selling physical products used to be a no-go for me; I was too afraid to ship my products to other countries since I live in the Netherlands.

I studied as a graphic designer, so I had a jumpstart with creating art. I had no idea what I did wrong.

I started experimenting with possible income streams as an artist, like my life depended on it (My finances did for sure).

So, I changed my strategy: I focused on selling my digital art on physical, printed products.

And what happened?

I got some extra hours back in my week, and I was able to sell my digital art on other products with ease.

So, what is the secret behind not having to produce, package and ship those products yourself?

In this Skillshare class, we are going to work with a print company named Printful*. Printful is a company that will produce, package and ship your products for you! You only have to upload your artwork once, and Printful handles the rest.

* In the first module, I will also explain why we are going to use a company like Printful, and not Society6 or Redbubble, etc.

As you may or may not know: My goal is to change the world with my art and appearance. I have learned that the value of giving is really important if you want to make a change. That is why...

*Drum Ruffle*

...I will give you 2 free premium months of Skillshare so you can watch this entire course for free. No commitments, no catches!⠀If you figure out that Skillshare might not be your thing, you will have the option to cancel in your trial period. But I believe that once you try Skillshare, you will be hooked because of all the available classes.

That means that you will have access to this Skillshare class for free if you are claiming your 2 free premium months. You will also get the chance to binge-watch 22.000 other classes for free!

What path will you take?

You could spend the next year trying desperately to figure this all out on your own by piecing together as much free content or outdated information you can find online.


Enroll in my *temporary* free Skillshare class and steal all of my proven strategies to make money with your art by selling it on physical products without producing, packaging and shipping the products yourself. (You could even finish the course in as little as in a day).