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Inside this bundle are my eight favorite brushes I use daily when I am digitally painting in Adobe Photoshop. (And they are the only ones I need!)  From sketching to lining to coloring; This brush pack contains all the essential brushes for creating digital art.

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Digital Painting software + products

  • Adobe Photoshop - I use this software for digital painting on my computer

  • Wacom Intuos S - I use this drawing tablet to draw digitally in Photoshop. The small and light-weight design makes it easy to carry around.

  • Procreate - A digital painting software I use for my iPad

  • iPad 2017 - I use this tabled to draw with Procreate. [NOTE: This tablet is not compatible with the Apple Pencil]

Improving my digital art

  • Creative Market - I use Creative Market to buy new Photoshop Brushes for improving my digital art

  • Skillshare - Skillshare is an online teaching platform where you can almost learn every skill you want. I use Skillshare to take digital painting classes. Use the link to get a 60-day trial.

  • Photoshop coloring course - I have hosted my own course on Skillshare: How to color your artwork like a pro in Adobe Photoshop. Here, I will walk you through every step to improve your coloring skills with Photoshop. Use the link above to get a 60-day trial.

Making money with my art

  • Printful - I use Printful to produce, package and ship my merch. I sell my digital art on prints, mugs, pillows, etc., and I couldn’t do it without Printful.

  • Printful course on Skillshare - Yep, that’s right. If you find Printful a bit overwhelming; I have an in depth walk through on Skillshare; How to sell your own artwork on Products at zero cost with Printful. Use the link above to get a 60-day trial.

Blogging + Marketing

  • Squarespace - For my website. Since Squarespace is so simple, I actually don't need more tools for building this website.

  • Convertkit - Convertkit is the platform I use for my email list, and for automating my email campaigns.

  • Camtasia - For recording + editing my digital painting videos.

  • Tailwind - I use Tailwind to schedule and automate my Pinterest pins.

Please note, some of these links are affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. I just wanted to let you know so we are on the same level. Don’t worry, I would never recommend something I don’t swear by.