Sick and tired of people telling you that you can’t make money with your creativity? Well, it is possible. And nope. You don’t have to die first before your artwork becomes valuable.


Hi, I’m Chelsea!

Over the last few years, I have been pouring my heart and soul into one thing: Unleashing my creativity and making money with my artwork.

This lifestyle allows me to love my job (Oh man, I even love Mondays now) focusing on creating new artwork every day, working from wherever I want, making my audience and customers happy, spending more time with my friends and family, and making an income with doing what I love (Yes you can too!).

I have always been passionate about starting my own creative business, (Man, I hated it to be trapped in a regular job and internship) Calligraphy, Photographing, Bullet Journaling and always exploring my creativity. Let’s say I tried every creative hobby. From airbrushing to drawing. I have tried them all.

But my love for Starting my own business, Calligraphy, Handlettering, Photography, designing printables and Bullet Journaling never faded. And I thought; If I can make money with my creativity, I can also teach other people how they can too.

Join The Creative Side | Chalk Lettering

And that is when I started Join The Creative Side.

Join The Creative Side is a blog that will teach you how you can develop your Photography, Calligraphy, and Bullet Journal skills, and make money with your creativity.

So if you are currently stuck in your 9 to 5, and you want to learn how you can make money with your creativity; You are so at the right place.

Don’t ignore the inner artist in you. Why would you ignore it, if you can unleash it, and make money with your creativity?!

I will teach you those new skills through my blog posts, YouTube channel, Free Courses, my email list, and my freebies. Wow! That is a lot of resources. But those are all the resources you need to give your creativity a jump start.

Before you get started, sign up for my free 7-day email course You Can Capture, that will teach you how you can create professional product photos of your artwork.

Once you’ve signed up, I have some fantastic blog posts and resources for you. Let’s start with the blog posts:

Learn Photographing your products (With just your iPhone):

Learn Calligraphy and Handlettering:

Get started with Bullet Journaling

Making money with your creativity

After you have read those blog posts, you probably want to take action immediately when it comes to making money with your artwork. Well, I have two amazing and free resources for you:

For learning new skills:

For opening an Etsy shop

I also believe that it is essential to listen to your readers. That is why you can always send me a message at chelsea@jointhecreativeside.com

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