Everything you think you know about iPhone photography?


''I was lucky enough to attend the email course You Can Capture, that was given by Chelsea. I learned how to use my cell phone to take professional photographs for my blog. The final thing she taught was how to edit the photos to further enhance the quality of the photos. It was easily done in a minimal amount of time. I would recommend her class to anyone wanting to upgrade their skills.'' - Catherine Czajkowski  


  • Five reasons why you should capture your OWN professional photos with your own iPhone camera
  • Everything you need to capture your own professional, high-quality iPhone photos 
  • How to style your photos 
  • How to shoot in the right composition 
  • How to edit your photos for free 
  • Myths you need to stop believing when it comes to capturing professional photos 
  • Common mistakes you are making when it comes to capturing your own professional photos

Do you want to learn how to shoot professional photos like this?

About Your Coach

Chelsea van Egmond is a creative girl boss who is specialized in shooting professional photos and creating graphics that are optimized for blog posts and social media platforms. She also runs a blog called Join the Creative Side where she teaches bloggers and entrepreneurs how they can improve their photography and graphic design skills even if they don’t have any experience or a big budget. Her #1 mission: To help you build your visual story/brand.

Chelsea van Egmond